Saturday, September 22, 2012

New 'Single Frame Stories' and 'A is for Avatar' Posts

I'm working on a new comic that should be ready next week. Until then, there are new editions of Single Frame Stories and A is for Avatar out today. Here's the introduction to the Single Frame Stories post:
Welcome to another diverse collection of single frame stories. This week’s prompt, depth perception, inspired an eclectic range of literal, metaphoric, narrative and impressionistic interpretations. 
Although there is certainly an artistic aspect to the craft of single frame stories, it’s mostly about visual communication. It’s relatively easy to create an image that looks cool using a platform like Second Life or photo tools like FilterForge. The greater challenge is to visualize an idea in a way that evokes emotion, conveys meaning, inspires an aha moment, or makes us laugh out loud. Whiskey and I invite you to flex your visual thinking muscles and join the fun. 
The challenge prompt for next week is “Objectification.” Make of it what you will.

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