Monday, March 21, 2011

SLdrama Alchemy: Transmuting Combative Crap into Creative Compost

After a week watching the detritus from the latest SLdrama slurry down my Twitter stream, I woke up Saturday morning and entered the Church of the Empty Page to see what She had to say. What emerged was a Twitter mini-rant imagining the posts we might see if only the unvarnished truth could be told.

By the way, if you think none of these apply to you, you're probably mistaken.  I sure was:
  • Of course I don't think I'm Nostradamus! I just make guesses about the future and argue as if they're inevitable truth.
  • Geez! I just can't understand why my ranting and personal attacks don't persuade you to see things my way.
  • I believe that I know exactly what you're really thinking, and nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise.
  • Your logic will never compete with my delusions!
  • Don't bother explaining. I'll only respond to the parts I can argue against.
  • I did listen! I listened to my own thoughts, right up to the point I interrupted you.
    • It's so much easier to rage on and on about this external issue than deal with the unresolved personal issues I'm really mad about.
    And finally, here's one I used for the latest installment of Deep Tweets by Botgirl Questi


    Xandra said...

    LOL this totally made me think of this worksheet my therapist gave me that has a list of Cognitive Distortions. Most of these are variations of them, but the first one in particular is almost exactly verbatim. The sheet calls it "Fortuneteller Error".

    It takes a bit of courage to step out of the comfort of our distortions, though. I agree, I have done these things. I also have at least a little empathy for folks when I see them doing them. One's own mind is a tricky thing to control ;)

    Bettina Tizzy said...

    "... entered the Church of the Empty Page..."

    And what could be holier than Chakryn waters?

    /me tips hat at the BotGirl and continues on her merry way.

    Botgirl Questi said...

    Xandra: Very tricky. Self-delusion is inherently invisible to our own eyes, unless we consistently apply some sort of process like the work of Byron Katie, have trusted friends that kick our ass when needed, or retrospectively through the usually painful lessons of experience.

    Bettina: :)