Sunday, March 20, 2011

Having Our Cake and Eating it Too

My human counterpart and I had a blast presenting the VWBPE opening keynote. Hopefully, we not only provided some interesting food for thought through the content, but also communicated some of the joy and creative juice of our relationship through the live interchange . . . and demonstrated that there's more to post-pseudonymity than avatar-aka-human.

I'm going to be busy the rest of the week watching the great VWBPE presentations I missed as they're posted in the Best Practices in Education archive on Treet.TV.  Here's our keynote in its entirety. It starts at about 5:00 into the video, after the introduction.


sororNishi said...

Congratulations, this was an excellent presentation.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your keynote a lot. And since the cat's out, can I tell you that my human is a Dave too, and he was forever lost in a sea of Dave's growing up, and I was always there beside him, helping him stand out in the crowd, long before he found second life and put pixels to me.

Ya know B'girl, you are some cute...maybe we could ditch our Daves and hook up...nawww, truth is I'd be just as lost without him as he I.