Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visualization of Wallace Linden's "Will The Real You Stand Up"

sock puppets

"The thing not to miss here -- and it bears stating despite how obvious it sounds -- is what all these online "identities" have in common. At the center of them all, the hub that ties all these personae together, is the very real, non-virtual, analog and offline "you." Whether the connections are public or not, your Second Life avatar, your World of Warcraft toon, your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn employment history -- all of these and more are just different aspects of a single entity: the person reading these words. They are all already connected to each other, via you." Wallace Linden from "Will The Real You Stand Up"


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Lalo Telling said...

I know this is long after the fracas has died down, but I've been going through your posts for another purpose...

When I arrived at this one, I laughed all over again -- and then wondered why I didn't comment when it was new about the amazing resemblance to the Puppeteer species imagined by Larry Niven in his Ringworld series.

(Niven described the Puppeteer equivalent of a laugh as its two eyestalks turning to look at each other)