Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can't Believe The Nerve of That Guy: fourworlds on Avatar

Even with my brilliant coaching from the audience, fourworlds ended up stumbling through an excruciating hour of "uhs", "you knows" and uncomfortable silences during the recent "Inside The Avatar Studio" panel discussion. But instead of turning tail and humbly leaving future virtual world punditry to me, he had the nerve to edit the living crap out of his words and condense them into a fancy 2 1/2 minute music video.

And guess what? He totally neglected me in the credits, even though I got him the gig and held his hand through the entire process. What's next? I shudder at the possibilities.

Judge for yourself. First fourworlds' little "mash-up":

Full show:



Anonymous said...

Me confused....are you also the typist behind Fourworlds?

Botgirl Questi said...

It's complicated. :) One way to think about it is that Botgirl (me) is a fictional character with a mind of her own. fourworlds is the avatar projection (boring, if you ask me) of the human who claims to be my creator.

I'd say more, but I'm busy suspending disbelief!

If you don't know the story, a good place to start is here.

iliveisl said...

hmm, well it's the first time i hear botgirl's real voice and i must say, i wish i had not. my mental image concluded from reading botgirl's blog is rather diff than the portrayal in the vid. to me, the veil of the written word was special and allowed me to shape what the human behind the avatar to whatever fantasies are in my head

but those are gone now and i feel a little poorer =(

Botgirl Questi said...


That's not Botgirl's voice! At least not any more than the sound of Jimmy Palmiotti's voice is the voice of Painkiller Jane.

It was not by accident that fourworlds was up on stage speaking while I was in the audience texting. If I ever get a voice, it's certainly not going to sound like that!

I realize I keep pushing my friends, fans, collaborators, etc. to stretch the limits of their suspension of disbelief. First by my leaving the nest of pseudonymity. And now by injecting fourworlds into the virtual world community.

So I don't hold it against anyone who cringes a bit at the dissonance between their conception of the human behind Botgirl and what such disclosures seem to reveal.

But I am a fictional character, with a different take on things than my creator. I do not agree with all of the statement fourworlds made during the interview and my take on the movie was quite a bit different. I do my thing. He does his thing. And once and a while we colloaborate (like on the recent Botgirl vs. Human videos.)

Hopefully, after a suitable period of mourning for the death of the fantasy human, you'll eventually learn to enjoy the emancipated fictional character.

Yours Truly,

Botgirl Questi