Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The REAL STORY Behind the Wallace Linden Controversy

Conversation Manager


Lalo Telling said...


iliveisl said...

i dunno, i am thoroughly unimpressed by Wallace Linden. how the hell can stoopid me have a bigger online presence??? that makes no sense?

LL makes me crazy, all i want is an occasional hello from M Linden on twitter but he won't say hello. and then Wallace answers me about not saying hello on twitter as not being part of his efforts yet (i guess he is just too k3wl to say hello to this f00l)

wtf? twitter is all about casual conversation! i dunno, but i keep whining the same old tune "a $3K a month customer should be able to get one hello a year" don't you think?

or even a mention on the 6,000 SL promoting pics i have online

maybe i am so full of myself that i smell terribly? but i would for sure say hello. heck, i have 70 residents that pay me anywhere from $5 to $300 a month and i say hello to them?

i just don't get it, ugh

let me write out Wallace Linden another time, he should at least have Google Alerts tracking his name and M Linden's name . . .

let's have a conversation about why you apparently could give a rat's butt for peeps like us or Jokay

*shakes head*