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Do's and Don'ts of SL Avatar Fashion: Mix'n Match Guest Post by Johan Yugen

If you're wondering what a post on SL fashion is doing on my blog, it's due to my participation in the first-ever Second Life Blogger Mix'n Match. This article by Johan Yugen is on a topic suggested by Meara Deschanel. My post for this event can be found at Common|Sensible. A list with links to all participating blogs is at the end of the post.

During anybody's time in Second Life they will come across some aspect of avatar fashion, whether it be a case of noticing someone with a particularly well dressed avatar or the complete opposite. Our initial reaction to somebody in SL comes from how our avatar is presented. It is therefore important (if you are interested in keeping your avatar within the constraints of what is considered "fashionable" in Second Life) to present your avatar correctly.

So, to start, some very important "do's". Firstly: Consistency. It is vastly important that the pieces of an outfit work well together. They should be of colours that work well with each other and should also work well with the skin you are wearing.

As you can see in the image on the left, there are two main colours in the outfit itself complement each other well and the shoes work with the outfit. The hair is also a colour which works with the combination of the outfit and shoes.

The second main "do" is to accessorise well. This does not mean have a lot of accessories, it means if you do choose to have them make sure they are not garish. If you want piercings make sure they are suitable for the outfit you are wearing. Jewellery should not be too over the top in a casual outfit, either.

This is a simplistic example of what to do to get it right, since there are more ways you can get it wrong than right. The first thing that should NEVER be on an avatar trying to remain in the slightest bit fashionable is bling. Bling (in my mind, at least) is the equivalent of having a mini torch strapped to wherever you want the bling to come from. It is obnoxious, distracts people from the actual outfit you're wearing (This doesn't matter so much, if you're wearing bling the rest of the outfit will likely suck) and more importantly: it causes unnecessary lag.

The next main thing is harking back to the consistency point. If your outfit is not visually consistent (ie does not fit in with itself) then it just will not work. Also, wearing part of one type of outfit (eg normal casual) and one of another is just as bad.

See below for examples of the main "don'ts":

The cute little puppy on the left with an outfit such as this, as well as a pair of sunglasses and a watch? The avatar on the right needs to make up her mind as to whom she wants to appeal to. Bling is to be seen on the lib rings. Also, she's wearing a babydoll with jeans *and* knee length boots. There is no consistency in this outfit whatsoever. "

Several things wrong here. Firstly, piercings that go through the top (which is translucent with no bra, not good). Secondly, said piercings (as well as the lip ring) emit bling. The overall outfit is also not consistent, with each individual piece having a different style.

So the general rules are common sense. Creativity is good, but don't let wanting to mix and match your outfit get in the way of a visually consistent and pleasing look. It's not a difficult task to make an avatar that looks good. If anything the abundance of clothing shops in Second Life make it easier to create that look you've been after. Clothing comes in full sets so you don't have to work quite as hard (or spend as many L$ after finding that outfit doesn't actually go). Actually following these rules are, of course, up to you. but they're here.


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