Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Six Oddest Topics I Dodged in Blogger Mix'n Match

ArminasX and Vint Falken organized a mass blog swap that by my count now includes over 50 participants. Each entrant came up with a topic for another randomly selected blogger to write about for a randomly selected blog. All of our entries will be posted tomorrow. (Mine will be on Common|Sensible.)

Before I got the news that my assigned topic was on SL art, my mind ran a little wild. Here are the six oddest topics I imagined. Any takers for next time?
  1. Big Brother Second Life. Take a week off from work and live in a virtual house with ten other residents, 24 hours a day. Housemates will include a penis griefer, a Gorean Master, Miss Bling 2008 and Prokofy Nava. Publish a daily diary until you’re voted out or commit virtual suicide.
  2. Life After Virtual Death. Delete your account and blog about what it feels like to be dead to Second Life.
  3. SLebrity Shoes. Photo essay on Second Life celebrities and their footwear.
  4. Sex and the Single Furry. Strap-on a furry avatar form and have intimate relations with at least five different species that you will feature in your post.
  5. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em. Apply for a job at Linden Lab and talk your way into an interview. If successful, blog as a Linden about how disappointed you are with the community.
  6. Media Sluts on Ice. Target the top ten Second Life blogs and see if you can screw your way to coverage. (Why does this sound so familiar?)


R. said...

#6 - Been there, done that, had my shots.

Prad said...

Okay - they're good!! Haha!

Camilla said...

#2 - I took a hiatus from SL for just over a month. From all web 2.0 applications. No twitter, nothing. It was horrible. I felt just as bad without the social networking as I did with it. So now I'm back. Jumped back in with both feet. And I'm still conflicted about it all. I could (should/might) write a book about it. Fact or fiction? It's so fantastical, how can you tell the difference?

And why do you have time to taunt us by coming up with more topics, when some of us haven't managed to finish their first assignment yet (which is hopelessly overdue now)? I'd stick my tongue out at you, but that is considered rude!

Princess Ivory

Botgirl Questi said...

Princess Ivory: I want you to know I was a day late with my mix'n match post and procrastinated my ass off until a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

if I could manage to combine #3 and #6, now that sounds like fun!

Val the boot whore

Unknown said...

I suppose you know there actually WAS a Big Brother thing in Second Life a couple of years ago--before my time but I read about it in some blog or other. :-)