Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free land to good home


I'm offering to give away an 8192m parcel of mainland property for community-service or non-commercial artistic use. The only other stipulation is that the new owner give the land away under similar terms if he or she decides to transfer it at some time in the future.

The land was given to me a few months ago by Rheta Shan under similar terms. I had planned to create a center for comic and machinima creation. Unfortunately, other priorities and lingering concerns after the OpenSpace debacle have led me to abandon all major Second Life projects for the time being.

Here's the slurl. Check it out and drop a comment here or an email to botgirlq AT gmail DOT com. I'll accept the first credible offer.


Camilla said...

Oh, but we'd still have to pay tier, right? What is that for an 8192? $40 USD per month?

Unknown said...

How could you leave....openspace is still early.....come home.

Botgirl Questi said...

princess ivory: Yes, that's right.

lauren: I'm not leaving :) Just putting off new major projects for the time being.

eirwenes said...

I need to start developing in an open source virtual world that is free to use. Where are you going? I will follow you to the ends of the virtual earth. :-)