Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Play of Characters

Who puts words in a character's mouth? It seems simple, right? The author. But who puts the words in your mouth? Another self-evident answer? Not really. It seems like there's a single "you" inside who is responsible for all of your words, thoughts, feelings and actions. There is is obviously a single brain and body behind it all. But within that one system there are many identities, moods, desires and emotions that vary from hour to hour and from context to context. Some of them are fairly consistent, while others may vary wildly and even be in conflict with each other. Some are driven by deeply held beliefs or habits. Others are reflexive reactions. 

So what's my point? Mostly that there is deep mystery at the heart of both who we are and how we create. And that if we pay attention when you are channeling the voices of fictional characters, it may shed some light on what's behind our own words, thoughts and feelings as we move through daily life. Sometimes they are the result of conscious thought. Other times they emerge from the subconscious. 

In any case, I'm still working somewhat diligently on the novel and decided to revisit some old images, videos and posts from the past six years here. This comic of Botgirl and the Dummy is one of my favorites.

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Cecil Hirvi said...

Yeah, you are getting it. Keep staying on that path.