Saturday, March 22, 2014

Second Life Advertising: Beyond Bikinis and Vampires

Jo Yardley published a blog post a couple of days ago questioning Second Life advertising strategy and their current crop of banners. She asked,
"Seriously Linden Lab?
Is this how you want to lure people to Second Life?
Is this what SL is?'
I noticed the same ad yesterday and tweeted the image along with the question, “What does this current banner ad say about the audience Linden Lab is targeting for Second Life?”

Although banner ads are primarily intended to generate clicks and registrations, they also have a cumulative impact on brand perception. One reason Second Life is known more for illicit affairs and flying penises is that there's little countervailing marketing and public relations by Linden Lab offering a different story.

I'd like to see Linden Lab do a series of videos with RL users talking about why they love Second Life. The visual focus would be on the users themselves, with only brief clips of the the virtual world. Instead of trying to compete with IMVU (which actually is primarily a 3D chat platform) they could feature people doing the kind of cool things covered in the Drax File series. Speaking of IMVU, here's a great video showcasing their company.


Unknown said...

Oh man this IMVU video is great! And how they focus on self-expression with avatar-based interaction....sigh.....sigh...sigh.....:(

Anonymous said...

I've been banging the drum for narrative marketing as a means to promote Second Life since 2011.

When I see campaigns like the bikini one, I tend to find mayself mentally headbutting the desk while muttering, "why, why, why...?"

Given there's a new CEO, I'm tempted to try another thumping of the drum. I have a feeling this one might be prepared to listen rather than politely saying, "Thanks but we know what we're doing" from the outset - which is pretty much how it went when raising the subject during an interview with the last CEO.

I could well be raiding you as a reference if I get that far ...

Botgirl Questi said...

Unknown: Yeah. They definitely get it.

Inara: It's hard to fathom why Linden Lab hasn't been telling stories in PR and Marketing campaigns about the great things users are doing and the way that Second Life has enriched their lives.