Monday, June 11, 2012

Here's the New Application I'd Love Linden Lab to Release

There's been speculation recently about stealth products Linden Lab may have in development. After playing around with Blue Mars Mobile over the last week, I'm yearning for a Second Life mixed reality machinima app. Here are the key features I'd love to see:

- Bring your existing Second Life avatar into a 3D environment on your iOS device
- Use clothes, attachments, poses and animation from your SL inventory
- Choose from mobile-friendly virtual sets
- Rez a limited number of objects from your inventory into a virtual set
- Rez an additional "alt" avatar into scene
- Mixed reality option to overlay avatars on physical world video stream
- Accelerometer syncs avatar positions to physical world orientation
- HD recording for both virtual and mixed reality
- Ability to stream video to TV through Airplay
- Integrated Second Life Marketplace including $L purchase

The current Blue Mars Mobile app is very limited. There are only a few built in animations. There's no way to walk around the 3D space. The selection of content in their store is very limited. Even so, it's easy to imagine the potential of a more robust application that offers better avatar control and the vast content library of the Second Life Marketplace. I think it would be a game changer if people could extend their Second Life avatars and identities into the physical world environment.

In the meantime, I finally figured out a cheat for Blue Mars Mobile's lack of support for landscape orientation. I shot this video with the phone in landscape orientation and used an AR marker to force the avatar to rotate 90 degrees. I then removed the AR marker from the shot and the avatar stayed in that orientation. Finally, I used an external program to rotate the saved video 90 degrees for proper orientation.

The avatar is bailey3554. The song in the background is "Ta douler" by Camille


Jessi Firethorn said...

Wow! Just wow. I can't think of anything else to say,

Cecil Hirvi said...

Not a new idea but certainly a clear idea of how to do it.

Too bad LL is too stupid and incompetent to make that happen.

I wonder who will create it though?

sororNishi said...

Brilliant.... someone, hopefully, sitting in their garage is working on it. Facebook in 3D.
It won't be LL, no.