Saturday, June 9, 2012

Disruptive Game Changing Second Life Redux on Ambien

I took a late night run through Shaker last night after getting an email reminder about its grand opening party. Shaker is the latest media hyped entry in the virtual world space. Check out these quotes:
"A lot of people are going to take one look and write it off as nothing more than a Second Life redux. But it's not. It's got more to it than that." Fast Company 
". . . I say this is going to be an important company in the social world."  Robert Scoble 
"I have to hand it to Shaker, it is more like a real bar than any other virtual chat room I've been in." PCWorld
I've been around the virtual block a few times and the only conclusion I can draw from quotes like those are that the writers are obviously tripping on something. So I decided to shoot a little video that would simulate being in Shaker under the influence of Ambien. Enjoy!


Vanessa Blaylock said...

hahaha, Second Life really sucks... right up till you look at everything else... and then SL starts to look pretty impressive! :P

Vanessa Blaylock said...

Oh also, will you be providing a series of video filters? "On Ambien," "On Extasy," "On Viagra" etc?

Jessi Firethorn said...

I'm envisioning one of your famous augmented reality videos, in which a paper cut-out of your avi sporting a profile pic overhead, is walking around a RL place poking people. ;-)

Lizzie Gudkov said...

To go check Shaker out or not to go. Ahm... After doing some serious pondering that lasted the whole of... half a second... Nope. If this is the new hype, there is something seriously wrong with people! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Max Headroom was never this creepy!

Those faceless, personality-less, featureless avatars (are they even avatars?) are really disturbing.

Botgirl Questi said...

Vaneesay: Good point. Everything is relative. I like the idea of drug inspired video filters. I actually saw an LSD simulator in Second Life. I don't remember whether it was a HUD or an attachment, but someone distributed at a party.

Jessi: It would be fun to mash up different worlds. Great idea!

LIzzie: It was a pretty strange vibe there. I wonder it it'll find a niche and catch on.

Michele: I bet they tried a design with the profile photos within the heads. But I bet that would have looked even creepier!