Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SL9B Fuck You Parody Song

You thought we'd donate free land again
to SLB and we're like
Fuck you
The Destination Guide listing
wasn't enough, we're like
Fuck You
your community too

When Philip was with us
You were  little bitches
Whining every move we made
Now that Rodvik's a hit
We won't take no more shit
Fuck you 
Oo. Oo, ooo 

No more mercy
All your controversy
Doesn't mean a thing
If you don't like mesh 
Or TPV changes
Take your ass to Open Sim
We think it's real funny
That you give us your money
No matter what we do 
So go wackadoodle
Cause we know it's futile
Just pay your tier when it due 


R. said...

Oh, I'm sorry... did I already say WINNING?


Honour McMillan said...

damn but you're good :)

(and why is my captcha in hebrew? damn robots)

Vanessa Blaylock said...

I really just want to say how wonderful this piece is!

But... as someone who's done more than her share of complaining... sure there's plenty of boneheaded stuff to gripe about, and yes it does feel good, but I also worry that it has a corrosive effect.

Just for myself, I'm trying (and often failing) to avoid criticism and instead focus what's compelling and working. That doesn't have to be in any specific place, but my preference (again, my own failures not withstanding) is to talk about productive spaces wherever they may be, rather than focus on issues with where I happen to be.

I recently made amends with Skygirl, and she told me one of the reasons we'd parted ways back in the day was because of my complaints about LL and that she'd felt they really helped her a lot. Looking back at my old posts I was honestly shocked to see how negative and complaining I'd been. That level of griping does indicate passion - if you didn't care, you'd probably just leave - but IDK if it means productivity or not.

Anyway, enough about me... your song is fantastic! :)

((but gawd I hate the captcha I have to type now... they're a real disincentive for me to comment... maybe I'm dyslexic or something but I find them to be getting really hard to do))

Botgirl Questi said...

Crap and Honur. Thanks. And sorry about the captcha. I'll take a look at some spam-resistant alternative.

Vaneesa: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I took your lead and looked back on my last couple months of my posts. Only a handful were negative critiques or even directly related to Second Life. I'm not passionate at all about this current issue . . . more dumbfounded by the lack of effective communication, and inspired to express my take on things through the comic and song parodies. Outside of amusement value, the critique was on the failure to communicate well, not on the merits of the decision to not provide the land.

colleen said...


Wizzy Gynoid said...

fucking brill.

Wizzy Gynoid said...

fucking brill.

Bevan said...

bravissimo !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Kristine said...

I have a bridge to add (Not SL9B specific, though )
You know I’m cryin’
Can’t afford an island
but that don’t mean I don’t pay my dues
I got some mainland
and do some shoppin’
I lost count of my hairs and shoes
I pity the foooool
That wants to pick and chose
(we’ve got to get new users, to hell with these old losers)
Someday, lag might just drive me away
Oh, and I really hate the asset server right now...

Botgirl Questi said...

Kristine: I like it! Seems like there's great potential for SL parody versions of songs.