Friday, March 9, 2012

Calling on my Minions to Speculate About Second Life

A post I wrote a couple of weeks ago inspired some pretty strong warnings on the dangers of theorizing about the future of Second Life:
"The reason I find these types of posts so particularly offensive is they are full of black and white thinking, overgeneralizations and catastrophizing which only exploit the community’s emotions and trigger strong reactions from all sides. It’s not only unproductive, it’s toxic. Yet we voraciously consume and spread it. What’s even more concerning is that the more and more it gets repeated, the more it’s believed as truth or fact." Gianna Borgnine
"Eric Hoffer is noted for numerous quotes and his work on mass-movements and the psychological roots of fanaticism. The quote: What monstrosities would walk the streets were some people’s faces as unfinished as their minds. In the context of debating the future of Second Life, I think it is a highly appropriate quote. There are many more that it would serve our community to consider." Nalates Urriah
I am thrilled that such thoughtful and respected people have finally acknowledged my power to control the sheepish minds of the Second Life community. My time has come! So heed me, my minions. Cast your idle speculation about Second Life across the blogosphere and Twitterverse. We will bring Linden Lab to its knees and spoil things for everyone.


R. said...


ZZ BOTTOM said...

Let Sl be!
It's filtering the scum (spammers, Money scamming and whinnies) that are leaving Os grid rize and be what Sl should and failed!
A place to fill Our dreams!

Khani said...

"My little monsters?"

Botgirl Questi said...

It's easy to take ourselves too seriously in the echo-chamber of the Second Life twitterverse and blogosphere. A little parody goes a long way (nods to @SecondLie).