Thursday, December 8, 2011

Linden Lab Brings "Be Your Avatar" Concept To Life Through Cutting Edge Medical Initiative

SAN FRANCISCO December 8, 2011/AVNewswire/ -- After a multi-year marketing campaign to get the public comfortable with the idea of being an avatar, Linden Lab is shaking up the industry today with a new program allowing virtually-identified people to transform their human biological form through avatar reassignment surgery.

This cutting-edge program was made possible through the partnership of more than a dozen leading technological, medical, scientific, special effects, fashion, legal, advocacy and counseling organizations, including Mount Sinai Medical, Genomica Corporation and The Swedish Society of Gender Reassignment Practitioners.

"Now, when we say Be Your Avatar", said Linden Lab CEO, Rod Humble, "we can really mean it!" 

Those seeking avatar reassignment surgery must first go through rigorous psychological tests to validate that they actually are "an avatar of the inside". After leveling up in that stage, participants will move to the transvestatarian level. Head Psychologist Sven Ricolla explained, "In the first stage, our team will create the ultimate avatar cosplay costume, including everything from tinted contacted lenses to Hollywood-quality prosthetic fur. Once candidates prove they can live as an avatar for six months through non-surgical means, they will be ready for the final level of transformation."

Pricing has not yet determined, although Linden Lab is confident that some insurance policies in progressive countries will offset at least part of the cost.

"Films like The Matrix gave people the idea that humans would eventually move into the virtual world," mused Humble. "I'm thrilled to report that reality is even more mind-blowing than the movies. I'm proud to lead the first initiative to bring avatars into the physical world!"


R. said...

It's not the windup key that has me concerned, but having to replace all my furniture with stuff with holes in the back... and I hate sleeping on my face.


Botgirl Questi said...

Good point! It's important to budget not only for the cost of the personal makeover, but also for new clothes, furniture, etc. In your case, given the current state of technology, your key will just be decorative, so it can be detached for sleep or sexual positions requiring you to be on your back.

Khani said...

/me falls of the chair and says


*rubs boobies* - Bigger!!

Splash Kidd said...

A sly smiles crosses my face as I shake my head back and forth. Two competing images jumped forth in my minds eye Ms Botgirl when I first read your post "Be Your Avatar". The first image, which was more on a comical level was that of Alex from a Clockwork Orange when he's in the straight jacket and force to watch a variety of movies clips (you know the usual stuff; gratuitous sex & violence) while being reprogrammed, via aversion therapy, so he can be let out into "civilized" society. The second image, which is totally different from the first, was Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". Now upon reflection however as I write my comment I see the connection of two images I had in my minds eye; it's the virtual prisoner that we all are becoming. Except this time, Alex is wearing a pair of finely textured thigh high pixel boots while being reprogrammed and when he is finally released from his straight jacket and climbs out of the cave he views the virtual sunset in all it's pixel beauty! :P

Pep said...

Did the press release mention that the guinea pig was (Marc) Viale Linden?

Pep (The trial had to be scrapped though, because although the body reassignment worked, they forgot to include a brain.)

Yordie Sands said...

Oh Botgirl!! I love this. Of course I am ready for this. I mean, can I use my new prim feet? and can I bring my new wardrobe along with me? heheheh. Can we pay for this with L$ dollars? /me giggles

ELQ said...

AAah, but remember kids - you won't be exportable so get used to never being able to tp or find anything you're looking for!

Botgirl Questi said...

Khannea: There's an app for that, I think.

Splash Kidd: That's a wild juxtaposition! Wonder where that came from.

Pep: Hmm. I'm thinking if many Lindens don't actually spend time in Second Life, it's unlikely they're going to elect for surgery. ;)

Yordie: You could pay in Linden dollars. But you'd need a lot of zeros.

ELQ: Unfortunately, this new program can change your look, but not atomic world physics.