Monday, December 27, 2010

How Punditry Kicked My Artistic Ass This Year

Effects are perceived, whereas causes are conceived. Effects always precede causes in the actual developmental order
Marshall McLuhan
Maybe my next art show should be called Botgirl's Punditry Circus . . .

I ran a few reports to evaluate how this year's blog stats compared to 2009 and to see which posts were most popular. I was happy to see that readership is up by around 15% (unique visitors) and pageviews increased more than 45%.

But I was bemused to discover that none of the top ten most viewed posts were about identity, machinima or art. Instead, seven were analyst-style pontification and three were issues-based parodies.

Interesting. Maybe I need to consider changing Brand Botgirl®. I heard a rumor that Dusan might be looking for a change. Wonder if there's a place for me at Metanomics.

Anyway, here are links to my ten most popular posts:


  1. A Simple Plan to Solve The Second Life Retention Problem

  2. What Does the Silent Majority of Second Life Think?

  3. Avatar Life Insurance Company Launched

  4. "Dolls for Decency" Response to Nude Barbie Ban in Second Life

  5. Why Cost Isn't the Reason for Second Life Land and Population Woes

  6. Second Life New User Experience: From Banner Click to First Rez

  7. My Take on Linden Lab's "New Direction" for Second Life

  8. The Graver Danger Uncovered in the #Emeraldgate Affair

  9. Browser-Based Strategy is Essential for Virtual World Growth

10. The Problem of Alts in Second Life and a Proposed Solution

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