Monday, December 27, 2010

More Scintillating, Scandalous and Surreal Predictions for Virtual Worlds in 2011

  • Rod Linden will redirect the entire Second Life development team to work on adding Simlish to the chat translation capability.
  • The endemic lack of response by Linden Lab to customer trouble tickets will be ruled a Denial of Service Attack by a California court.
  • WikiLeaks will reveal that the Houri Region in Second Life was a US intelligence terrorist sting operation. All 72 virgins were male FBI agents.
  • In a surprising admission @wallacelinden will disclose that the reason that he retweets so infrequently is that he misread Linden Lab's "no retreat" policy in the company manual.
  • An ugly breakup of a Second Life couple will spill out into a social network flamewar.
  • In response to Minecraft's popularity, a stealth Linden Lab project will deliver an 8-bit client to massive public and critical acclaim.
  • Prominent virtual artist Chrome Underwood will sue his human counterpart for divorce on the grounds of cheating on himself with his own alts.
  • The Church of SecondLientology will merge will The Church of Botgirl Questi, and be renamed  Botgirl's Church of SecondLientology. By the end of the  year, it will not only be the fastest growing religious organization in Second Life, but also make's list of top cults.
If you missed yesterday's batch of predictions, you can find them here.


iliveisl said...

"All 72 virgins were male FBI agents."

i nearly peed myself! this is outstanding and your calling is as a fiction novelist!

(albeit truth be stranger than fiction!)

Chrome said...

yeah, I'm down with that, iliveisl; there's a virtual Kurt Vonnegut lurking in there somewhere. :)

hey, anybody know a good virtual lawyer?