Sunday, December 26, 2010

Botgirl's Top Ten 2010 Predictions for Virtual Worlds

  • After a short honeymoon period, Linden Lab will make a series of decisions over the first quarter that turns the Second Life community against new CEO Rod Humble. @SecondLie will rechristen him Limp Rod Linden.
  • A new religion will develop among the Second Life avatar expatriate community, leading John Lester to change his name to Pathfinder Prophet.
  • Botgirl and Night will get a development deal from Marvel for a Night and Day comic.
  • Following a decision in the Ozimals vs. Amaretto case, Crap Mariner will decide to fill the void and launch a virtual pet cat business so that Nardo will live forever.
  • A 3D Second Life client will be released for the iPhone. Sale of tinies will go through the roof, as will lost hours in RL businesses due to increased "bathroom breaks".
  • The story of a bizarre event related to virtual world obsession will be virally distributed around the world via both the internet and traditional publications. Second Life bloggers and social networks will express outrage (while being secretly jealous their names weren't mentioned.)
  • A well known Second Life avatar who vanished from the grid in 2010 will reemerge after her RL husband decides not to pursue a 2012 U.S. presidential reelection bid.
  • Hamlet will be laid off from Blue Mars due to budget cuts caused by languishing population growth. Fortunately he will pick up a new gig as an embedded journalist in CityVille.
  • Linden Lab will announce a new technology project with a catchy code name.
  • Prokofy Neva will retire the FIC list after a conversion experience and virtual baptism by Pathfinder Prophet.


R. said...

I've been given Zooby and other cats to represent Edloe, Piper, and Frisky in the past, but never kept them around much.

I did have an orange animated cat on top of the television set for Nardo, but removed it, too.

I wanted to change Nowhereville to Nardoville, but the Nowhereville name is much better and Nardo's not dead yet.

So for now, the score for the dead cats stands at:

Edloe: 1 photo, several stained glass, island name, boat name ("Grumpus")
Frisky: 1 photo
Piper: 1 photo, island name
Bruwyn and Myst: Once in television, the other set on Daphne's patio.
Nardo: ... hrm... let's make a game of this. First person to find it gets 1000L


Anonymous said...

Fun post! Omgah...Cityville! I just happened to see that latest (I think?) kin to Farmville today! (When does Suburbiaville come out I wonder.)

Indigo Mertel said...

Hmmm? Shouldn't it be "Botgirl's Top Ten ==> 2011 <== Predictions for Virtual Worlds"?

Botgirl Questi said...

Indigo: I'm taking the position that since I made the predictions in 2010, the headline was technically correct. ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome post, Botgirl.

I have to seriously wonder about the idea of tiny avatars becoming popular because of a rise in "tiny" interfaces to virtual worlds. That prediction might have some real legs.

Anonymous said...

This is very funny. I suppose you have to follow the SL community culture closely to get some of the references, but this really is funny! :-)

Perrie said...

The alternate nickname for "Limp Rod" will be "Nim-Rod."

ELQ said...

Actually, I think you may be correct with the sale of fact, I believe Tinies will become ever more popular along the same curve with VWs becoming more available to a mainstream populace.