Friday, November 12, 2010

Self-Censorship is Best Left for the Morning After

#creativity visual tweet
Gonzo Visual Version of Tweet
This post collects and extends yesterday's tweets on #creativity 
  • Self-censorship is best left for the morning after:  It's 3 A.M. You've been flirting your ass off all night with a smoking piece of work. Suddenly, you realize that you're so intoxicated by passion that "art goggles" may be clouding your vision. You worry that in the cold hard light of morning you may wake to find that your brilliant new beauty is actually a worn-out monstrosity. Please don't fear! Take heart and consumate with wild abandon. You have been gifted by the Great Muse herself. At least for tonight.
  • Creativity is not my servant. I am hers. 
  • Some people create to express their vision. I create to reveal what I have not yet seen. 
  • Inspiration is a gift. Have you thanked your Muse today?
  • All art is collaborative because it rests upon eons of work by countless predecessors. 
  • There is nothing free of cliché. There is nothing completely clichéd. Dig deeper because there is something inside of us longing to be born. 
  • Play is creativity's natural habitat and passion her midwife. 
  • It's true that you can't please everyone. But you can't offend everyone either. God save me from the lukewarm.
I leave you today with a fun little video from one of my human counterpart's blogs. It's a good RL example of the type of playful, ad-hoc creativity we enjoy in the virtual world.



Xandra said...

love love love. Thank you. <3

Botgirl Questi said...

As a fellow INTP, thanks!

Miso Susanowa said...

aaahhhh totally agree on this one, esp #1, a struggle I know I share with almost every artist I have known.

When the Muse is calling, you answer and you just GO. Just let the colors fly, the music mash, the cheetos bags pile up, stuff fall on the floor, ignore phone calls; you can always clean up later, adjust, refine, polish and perfect.

You gather ye rosebuds while ye may... or in my experience, She gradually will stop banging on your door and you will have to lure Her back with many entreaties and seriously sworn oaths of fealty and humbleness.

To misquote Ghostbusters:

"Miso! When someone asks you if you listen to a Goddess... you say YES!!!!"