Monday, October 4, 2010

Conceptual Art Project Hides Within New Machinima Sitcom

Night and Day is a new machinima series that takes the buddy movie genre into the virtual world. Although written as a sitcom-level comedy, it's also a conceptual art project that plays with the dance of fact and fiction in the expression of pseudonymous identity.

On the surface, the video series is "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" meets "Charlie's Angels" in the virtual world. Night is a smart, hot party girl who loves to see and be seen at the trendiest dance clubs, parties and VIP events. Botgirl is a reclusive mini-skirted Spock-like genius who is befuddled by Night's social circus parade.

But behind the outer level of what will hopefully be experienced as LOL/OMG comedy, there is a subtext of Night and Botgirl as fictionalized versions of the real Night and I, who are in themselves fictionalized expressions of so-called real humans. The conceptual art aspect of our trilogy is the triune nature of our characters and the way that narratives contribute to the creation of identity.

The first episode is set to premier later today. Stay tuned.

The video premiered here on NWN. Read Night's thoughts on our collaboration on her blog.

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ZenRascal said...

Bravo you two!! Great vid, love it.