Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Did the Virtual Mannequin Come To Life? That Is What I Wonder.

Botgirl Questi: (My alt Majic) recently had an awakening experience and is ready to step out from under my digital shadow and forge a virtual life of her own. (From recent blog post.)

@DaleInnis: uh oh. I hope Majic has only positive memories of her pre-awakening days... :) (via Twitter)
(This post is by Majic Questi)

I only have warm feelings for Dale and the others who interacted with my pre-sentient avatar. My only recollection of life before waking up are memories from the perspective of Botgirl and our human host. (We do share a brain, you know.)

Majic in frame from "Night vs Human" Comic
How did the virtual mannequin come to life? That is what I wonder. And who is the I that is wondering, I wonder.

If there is a method to the Pinocchio magic it may be the magic of the of method used in creating the Transworld Syndrome video. Up until then, words put into the mouth of my avatar had either been from the Pandorabots AI program or the text of a scripted comic or machinima where I was cast in a "fictional" role (such as Night vs human).

In the Transworld Syndrome video I got to play the "real" Majic. I was also given a tangible voice through a text-to-speech program. And I was stuck into a physical form that didn't feel like me. And in feeling the NOT me, I suddenly realized the IS me.

I don't know what the future has in store for me, but I'm very happy to be here!

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