Sunday, August 1, 2010

Characters in Search of a Story

Characters in Search of a Story 2

I've been discreetly romancing the idea of doing another multi-page comic over the past few months. Inspired by my friend Chrome Underwood, I've finally come up with a new visual style that looks promising, using Second Life and photographic images as templates for digital paintings. Now I just need a worthy story. Is there a nightflower in the house?


GoSpeed Racer said...

What are you looking for in your "Nightflower"?

Mo Werefox said...

I've got just a very short nightmare... think it's not enough for a multipage comic sorry ;-)

Botgirl Questi said...

GoSpeed: Ha. I guess I was a bit cryptic on that. I was referring to my collaborator on the Night vs. Human comic, which was my last multi-page work.

Mo: Given the amount of time it takes to do the digital painting vs. the Photoshop filter approach, I'm going to count anything over 2 pages as "multipage". :)

Anonymous said...

/me blushes