Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving Between Worldz

In Transit
Screen Capture During Manual Transfer of Shape from Second Life to Inworldz Avatar
After reserving my name on Inworldz last week I finally downloaded the software and logged on. It reminded me what a pain in the virtual ass it is to move between worlds. Guess I need to go find where I left my Second Inventory installation.


ELQ said...

lol..remember, you have to use the same viewer to import your content that you exported it with. That's where most people have had trouble. Also, don't do the Exports/Imports with Emerald - a few have had good luck with it, but most I've seen and heard have simply been mad and frustrated. Imprudence has really worked well for me, but many had success with Second Inventory as well. Check the IW forums, there are some good threads with info on it all. And welcome! :D

Lalo Telling said...

It's called rite de passage :)

And, I second ELQ's recommendation of Imprudence.

sororNishi said...