Sunday, December 27, 2009

The (Mental) Map is Not The Territory.

The Graphic Novel LOGICOMIX tells the tale of the obsessive pursuit by European logicians of an all-encompasing mathematics. The book weaves the tortuous evolution of mathematical theory within a compelling human story of idealism, passion and madness.

It is a cautionary parable for those of us pushing boundaries on the personal and business frontiers of virtual worlds. One of the main lessons LOGICOMIX offers is that The Mental Map is Not The Territory.

Like the people depicted in the maze above, we know where we've come from, can see where we stand, but have no way to know our future path except by walking it one step at a time. Although visionary thinking is essential for progress, it is important to proactively reality-test our ideas and be open to new information that contradicts our current beliefs or calls them into question. Fervent opinions that seem solid and real as we gaze ahead through the windshield of the present time, often end up showing their true nature as hungry ghosts through the perspective of the rear-view mirror.

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sororNishi said...

I love the old saying "never name the well from which you will not drink"....