Friday, December 25, 2009

Alternatives to Second Life for Multi-Media Creation: Another look at iClone

I've been romancing the idea of creating a series of comics, videos and stories within a transworld setting. Part of this process is to project my avatar form into multiple worlds and platforms.  Some of the advantages and limitations of Second Life are coming to light, including content creation, animation, 3D model compatibility, resolution, rendering quality, etc.

Here's a very short video I made in a couple hours with iClone yesterday.  I threw the in-progress version of the iClone Botgirl avatar into a stock scene, exported a video render to HD and then used Apple Motion to create an SD version that took advantage of the larger image size to zoom into the animation. I topped it off with a fun music track to help bring it to life.   It's very basic, but I think it looks better than similar videos I've created in Second life.

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Chrome said...

Very cool, Bot; very cool, and better than SL video, I agree. Thanks once again for scouting out the digital frontier.