Monday, July 20, 2009

On The Border

Botgirl Archies
So "virtual" band - do you mean like "The Archies" and "The Monkeys" and "Oingo Boingo" where even though they were real bands making real music, they were like ghost-writers for an auther - where a "false" or "proxy" persona was the front? Ari Blakthorne
What a great question! The band concept is definitely related to the three examples mentioned, as well as more recent projects such as Gorillaz and Flight of the Conchords. I see at least two key differences:
  • We are extending the genre into the domain of pseudonymous identity within virtual worlds and social networks. Chrome and I have virtual histories that predate the band. So our characters were not created as fuel for a band project, but the band is an extension of the lives of our virtual personas.
  • My primary purpose in creating the band is to explore the truth that lives within the fuzzy border between fact and fiction. Human intelligence (outside of enlightenment) fractures the holistic nature of existence into an infinity of disconnected fragments. One way to see through the veil is to deconstruct our normal experience of reality. My intention is to play with reality construction through an evolving synthesis of original music, visual art, social media, virtual identity and multi-media storytelling.
Sounds heavy, but it should be lots of fun! We now have three orginal songs written and scratch-demo'd. Stay tuned.

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