Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherrybomb: The Making of a Virtual Band

Chrome Underwood and I have been playing around for a few months with the idea of forming a virtual band. Recently, all of the pieces came together, including the two other members who will round out the group. We've written our first song and have the recording session scheduled for later this month.

We plan on releasing songs, machinimas and a comic series fictionalizing the adventures of the band (think sexy Scooby Doo). Now we're focusing on creating the look of the band and developing the back-story that will power the fictional narrative.

Instead of working in secret to hone our "brand", we've decided to expose our creative process, warts and all, as we go from the germ of an idea to an "official" release. It's likely that aspects of our concept will evolve significantly during our alpha and beta periods. We'll share ongoing diary blog posts that will provide a director's commentary on the work we create and and insights into the thinking behind ongoing changes. Expect plenty of images and video along the way.

Here is a video with some shots of the first time the full band got together in Second Life. I threw in a fun little music clip of I'm a Barbie Girl. You can find Chrome's related post here. As you'll see, we need a lot of work on animations, the fine details of wardrobes, instruments, set, etc. But a good start, nevertheless!



Anonymous said...

That was wonderful! Love that song! Where do I sign on as a groupie? LOL

Dale Innis said...

Woot, cool! You have your MySpace page yet?

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

This is awesome.

Now a question (not sarcastic, but a real question):

So "virtual" band - do you mean like "The Archies" and "The Monkeys" and "Oingo Boingo" where even though they were real bands making real music, they were like ghost-writers for an auther - where a "false" or "proxy" persona was the front?

Or, is there a plan to take it 'unvirtual' some day and we all can say "we knew them when... virtually"?


Botgirl Questi said...

Pay: Thanks! I have you down as groupie #1

Dale: Working on it. Here's our Facebook page:

Ari: Working on a blog post to speak to your questions. It's about truth living on the border between reality and fiction.