Friday, June 19, 2009

I Step Off a Cliff Into TweetStory

My Muse woke me up this morning with the wild idea of transforming my long-unwritten "Botgirl Lives" comic concept into a series of tweets. A TweetStory. So I fired up trusty Birdhouse, whipped off a few 140c paragraphs, announced the project and started posting.

What the heck was She was thinking? I sure wasn't. Despite more than a year of romancing the backstory and basic plot, my three teaser frames had been the sum of my captured output to date. So after the initial buzz of the day's work, I'm a bit apprehensive about writing a "pulp sci-fi" story on the fly, one tweet at a time. But in Bot We Trust, so I'm going for it.

Here are a few intial guidelines I'll follow:
  • Write only in Birdhouse in order to limit composition to 140c at a time and make it less tempting to edit.
  • Post each tweet within 24 hours of the initial save. I want this project to be a near real-time exercise, rather than a drawn-out expression of a large archived document.
  • No more than two tweets per hour. I want to be very thoughtful of my followers' Twitter feeds. I hope to figure out a rhythm that can create a mini three-act segment each day.
  • I'm using the hashtag #bgl to start each post followed by the paragraph number. I hope that makes it easy for people to follow on Twitter, even if they've missed a bunch of posts.
  • I'm going to archive the posts here, but I hope most people will read them in real-time as they show up on the Twitter stream. Part of the "poetry" of the medium I hope to learn is the use of timing between tweets.
That's it for now. The next post will be an archive of today's TweetStory.

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