Saturday, June 20, 2009

Botgirl Lives TweetStory 001

This is the daily archive of"Botgirl Lives," a TweetStory, published one post at a time on Twitter under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike License

I came to consciosness as if in a dream, looking down on a massive brute raping a woman bound face-down on a stone floor.

"I own you now, you fucking RefuV," he panted as he magically flipped the slender captive onto her back like a puppet on a string.

I felt strangely detatched peering down from about twenty meters above. Then suddenly, I shifted into that poor girl's POV.

"You can't escape that way," he sneered. "I control your fucking camera."

Damn! That "poor girl" must be me.

Without thinking, I kipped up to my feet, shattering the thick restraints and throwing that big ugly perv on his furry red ass.

"Party's over Furball," I fumed. "Where the hell are we and how did I get here?" I decided to hold off asking who the hell I was.

"How did you get out of your restraints?" he whined. "They told me that collar you're wearing would give me complete control."

"Thanks for the hint," I said, and dragged the collar onto his beefy neck. "Sit Fido," I barked. He sat. Nice!

"Answer my questions or I'll make you bury your head so far up your ass that you'll turn inside out," I threatened. Ick!

He cowered and said, "We're in the RefuV Adoption Sim on the FreeGrid. You better put the collar back on or they'll decant you."

I know he was speaking English, but I had no idea what he was talking about. But I didn't want him to know I was so clueless.

"Tell me everything you know about The RefuV Adoption Center and The FreeGrid," I said. "Do a good job and I'll set you loose."

Story continues here.

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