Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Would McLuhan Think?

I started following tweets mentioning Marshall McLuhan a few months ago. Like clockwork, hundreds of people call upon his name in a quote, comment or question. I've done it myself.

My favorite is when someone asks: "What would Marshall McLuhan think about [technology_name]." It reminds me of the What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) meme.

I decided that if Christians could be inspired by WWJD paraphernalia, Geeks should be able to have their own What Would McLuhan Think (WWMT) accessories too!

I did a little riff on an old Life Magazine photo and created some Cafe Press goods including a t-shirt, coffee mug, greeting cards and this classic thong.

So the next time life delivers a technology dilemma and you feel the need to call upon a higher power, just take a glance at your handy WWMT items and call upon our Guru.


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Anonymous said...

LMAO ... you are amazing!