Monday, March 9, 2009

Virtual Art Initiative Launching Groundbreaking Exhibition Series

The The Virtual Art Initiative is an organization of artists, writers, musicians, and scholars who are using the immersive and interactive digital media of such virtual worlds as Second Life to develop new forms of artistic content. I'm happy to announce my participation in an eight month project it's sponsoring to explore the fundamental dimensions that make the art of virtual worlds a unique aesthetic medium.

The initiative will create six exhibits, each focused on a core dimension of virtual art:
  • Immersion
  • Interaction
  • Ambiguity of Identity
  • Environmental Fluidity
  • Artificial Agency
  • Globally Networked Collaboration
Each will be created through a collaboration of artists under the direction of a project leader. They will be exhibited sequentially over the course of approximately eight months on a half sim in Second Life. The collaborations will be documented in images, text, and machinima, and will generate work that will be exhibited in the "real world" Harbor Gallery at the University of Massachusetts at Boston in April 2010.

Sabrinna Nightfire and I are leading the Ambiguity of Identity segment. We're in the early planning stages now and are slated to exhibit in about five months. I'll keep you posted as specific dates are announced.

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