Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exhibit Opening: Stop Making Sense and Dream

Stop Making Sense and Dream opens this Sunday, October 19, at 11am in Second Life. It's a multi-artist collaborative exhibition exploring the nonsensical nature of dreams. I'm really psyched about a mountain-like sculpture Pixel Sideways and Trinity Halberstadt created for the show, based on my Digital Utopians sketch (pictured here.) Visitors will be able to fly into a dreamlike particle-filled torus and ascend to the Virtual Rapture.

The exhibition includes two shows on two venues on two sims. It begins at Angel Dorei/Solaris with "Prelude to a Dream" featuring Dream sketches and text and continues onto Caerleon Isle with a massive sky exhibition of 3d sculptural art representing the dreams of The Dreamer, whose dreamy narrative text weaves the ascending dreams together.


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