Monday, September 8, 2008

Sex, Love, Art and Slavery

Codie and Rheta
Rheta and Codie at Bloggers Ball and Slave Auction

Oh, what a weekend! Where to start? Okay...

Rheta Shan contributes land to start new Visual Arts Center
About a month ago, Rheta Shan, winner of Dusan Writer's UI Design Contest, posted an offer to donate her mainland plots for charitable or artistic use. Since I had been romancing the idea of creating an open source stage set area for those creating comics, machinima or other image-capture projects in Second Life, I emailed her right away. After a bit of email correspondence, we finally had a nice GTalk chat and she was kind enough to offer the land for my project. I'll post more on the project over the next couple of weeks, but for now I just want to send Rheta a big thank you.

Artist's Way group begins
On Sunday morning, I attended the first weekly meeting of Sophrosyne's The Artists's Way group. We'll be supporting each other as we go through the exercises in the book and work to enhance our creative life within Second Life.

I break my bank on slave purchase
I had no plans to buy or be sold when I arrived at the Second Life Bloggers Ball and Slave Auction later that afternoon. By the time I left, Zoe had purchased me as a slave, and I was the proud owner (for 24 cumulative hours) of the Number One Couple in Second Life: Codie and Gabby!

I first met Codie while I was still an obscure newbie in Second Life. I believe I had a question about her MachinimaCam and sent an IM out of the blue. We got to chatting and before you knew it we were talking about video, polyamoury and the joys and perils of virtual relationships. Over the months we chatted here and there and crossed paths quite a few times, including the recent mass migration from Twitter to Plurk. Over the months, I've come to realize that Codie is one of the authentic Lights within Second Life and models loving, emotionally-close and red-hot relationships for the rest of us, along with her extended family including main girl Gabby.

I don't know Gabby very well, outside of following her Plurks and keeping an eye on her blog. But our brief conversations have always been lovely and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting to know her better.

So what plans have I for my 24 hours of total power???? And what does Zoe have up her gun-toting sleeve for poor innocent Botgirl? Stay tuned.


Codie said...

oh god Botgirl, what a flattering and marvelous thing to say about me! I just am much honored, humbled and delighted to even know you. Botgirl you are one to make us think and inspire us all to be daring and creative. I'm extremely happy that we will have much time to spend together, myself and my sweet Gabby, it can only be delightful!

*bows low to her new Mistress and smirks with anticipation to what she have in reserve for us humble servants*


Camilla said...


I would be interested in participating in the Artists Way group. Where can I get more information about joining?

Princess Ivory

ps - love your blog posts, as always!

Botgirl Questi said...

Aw, thanks Codie!

To check out the Artists Way group, Princess, IM Sophrosyne Stenvaag and she'll give you the info.

Camilla said...

Thanks, BotGirl. I did IM Sophrosyne Stenvaag, but didn't hear back from her. Maybe her messages got capped. I'll try again. If you could mention it if you see her, I'd appreciate that, too.

Princess Ivory