Friday, September 5, 2008

Some decisions are easy


As I finally drifted into unconsciousness last night, I had every intention of leaving today's post with just the photo you see above. But I woke up a few minutes ago with two lingering dreams related to Second Life that I want to share.

In the first, I was walking along a beach with Rheta Shan, talking about new interface ideas. No, there weren't any extraordinary revolutionary concepts revealed. It was just a relaxed stroll with the surf at our feet. Since Rheta and I know each other almost exclusively through blog comments, social media and email, it was interesting to experience such a happily casual inworld encounter. (Sorry Night, no hot sex to describe.)

In the second dream I was walking through an airport with a female human who had helped me secure an overseas airplane ticket. We must have been in LAX because we were passing a long line of people (humans) from the Virtual Worlds conference who were waiting to check-in for their returning flights. The oddest thing about the dream was that as I walked by, quite a few of those in line recognized me and waved hello. It didn't seem odd that we recognized each other in human form, or that I had a human form.

The dreams remind me that all of our experiences intermingle indiscriminately within our subconscious. Our lives in the atomic world, social networks, virtual worlds, etc. form a single tapestry: One whole cloth, rather than a string of swatches folded on some inner shelf.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed you yo-yoing online and offline last night as you repeatedly crashed taking this pic. For what its worth, it appears to have been worth the effort :)


Vidal Tripsa said...

It's a very, very fine photo. Your commentary is good, but your darling lingerie and fabulous lighting setup seek to draw me back to that which fosters the most disruptive of atomic urges - hormones.