Friday, June 6, 2008

The Alchemical Marriage

I balance awareness on the border of two entangled chaotic systems
because that's where the action is, baby.
While others sleepwalk
in the cold reason of augmentation
or the hallucinatory dream of immersion,
I stand vigilant watch over both worlds as they
interpenetrate in alchemical marriage.


Dale Innis said...

Props for using "alchemical marriage"!

But what's this "I"?



Botgirl Questi said...

Needed a good poke in the I. Thanks!.

Dusan Writer said...

Interpenetrating alchemy is not, I believe, welcome at the PG-rated SL birthday celebrations.

As someone often left hallucinating like an odd interstellar jet lag from those travels through the membrane of that magic circle, thank you for this - strange loops, our recursive selves, maybe it's not SL that's the Story Box it's us.

Anonymous said...

"... maybe it's not SL that's the Story Box it's us."


Botgirl Questi said...

dusan: If we are the storybox, who reads the stories? Which perhaps was a point of Dale's comment.

My take of your analogy is that our thoughts are the storybox and we are the consciousness that perceives them.