Friday, June 6, 2008

Drawing Day '08 is just hours away

The following email from sLiterary just alerted me to tomorrow's Drawing Day '08 and the Second Life connection:

sLiterary is a proud supporter of "Drawing Day 2008." This is an
international event where everyone around the world takes the day to
DRAW -- and, if you're a purist... you do nothing but draw for the
entire day. This year, the global effort hopes to reach the goal of 1
million drawings worldwide to art-in-lieu-of-shout: "art for the sake
of art!"

On Drawing Day June 7 at midnight SL Time, I will be starting a 24
hour drawing vigil. I'll have my Wacom pen in-place-of-a-lance as I
draw non-stop (aside from bio-breaks). You can join me on this
marathon by drawing and uploading your works for display inworld. We
have setup a special gallery inworld where you may display your pieces
drawn on this special day pro bono:

^ That is also where I'll be drawing my famous black & white sketches.
Requests accepted on the spot.

Come join us for this monumental event -- as witness, participant, researcher,
artist, wordsmonger, documentary-machinimaist... and everything else ;-)

Ina Centaur
"The Artist of sLiterary"


Anonymous said...

Hey now. That's right up my alley. I couldn't do the marathon drawing, but I think I might be able to draw something (and get practice using my wacom tablet).

Kanomi said...

I'm a little confused, visual art and literary art are very different things -- what's going on?

Anonymous said...

Well Kanomi, perhaps they mean calligrapher?

Then again, maybe not?

Botgirl Questi said...

Gahum: Did you participate?

Kanomi™: Not as great a distance as the chasm between professional wrestling and politics. Or maybe you are on to something here. :)

But seriously, on a more general level, arts can be thought of to be within a single set, with smaller or more granular groupings within.