Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Botgirl moves to Extropia

I purchased a sweet parcel in Extropia. Vidal Tripsa brilliant builder, architect and living-doll was kind enough to loan me a house to use until she finishes designing and building the super-secret project that will one day be the futuristic home-of-my-dreams. (No pressure Vidal.)

Although the dwelling is a work in progress for her, it's a beautiful and happy place even in an unfinished state. After positioning the building, I ran out for a few essentials such as art, and then added some movie posters and a bed from inventory. In honor of Harper's birthday, these images are posted here with no retouching other than cropping.

Extropia Home ext2

Extropia Home ext1

Extropia Home Int3

Extropia Home Int1

Extropia Home Int2


Vidal Tripsa said...

Run for the hills, Botgirl has been sucked in to hanging posters of robots! Where will the Extropian cultism end? ^_^

It's lovely to have you around, Botgirl. I hope I can do you proud with the new home... or at least, more proud than a bit of an embarassing home might make you, held together as it is with hastily nailed-in plywood or something. :P

Dale Innis said...

Oooh, yet another temptation to go inworld when I should be doing other things! :) Welcome again to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

sweet! looks like my kind of place too ;) will check it out next time i'm in-world! thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oo, I love the poster of the hanging torso. Is there a store for hanging robot posters? :)
Lunette Fouroux

Botgirl Questi said...

vidal: thank for getting me hooked up!

dale & c4chaos: please come and visit

Lunette: It's called :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to stop by and say hi (and stop being as shy there as I am in my 1st life).