Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Storytelling in multiple mediums

A lot of what I've learned here has enriched the work I do for my business. But one thing that hasn't crossed over yet is multi-platform storytelling. Over the years, the evolving story that began on this blog has crossed over into social networks, comics, videos, 100 word stories, single frame stories, and participation in virtual panels and presentations. This didn't arise as a conscious attempt at spreading my brand (God forbid). It was mostly me messing around in new mediums that piqued my interest. Most of what I do requires only the most basic technical skill, so as an advocate of amateur creativity, I also hoped to encourage others to give some of these tools and mediums a try.

Speaking of me, the "me" that goes under the pseudonym Botgirl is these days mostly an extension of my RL self, rather than the fictional character I originally created. She was an artificial intelligence who woke up in Second Life without any memory of her past. I'd love to bring her back one day. I have an outline of a book length work I hope to actualize at some point.

For now, I've been playing around with a new character who arose while testing Plotagon, an animation platform I've mentioned quite a bit recently. What started as a video character, is now interacting on Twitter, has her own blog and is now appearing in what will probably be an ongoing comic series. Here's the first page, which begins after the surprise twist at the end of the first video story arc.

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Cecil Hirvi said...

Yeah. Get that book done would ya?

I'm waiting...