Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seeking Arrangements

Life is stranger than fiction. In the course of putting together a new episode of Life with Jess, I created an account on,  a site where hot young women can establish Sugar Daddy relationships, trading company and sexual services for cash and gifts. I needed a screenshot for the video, so I set up an account for "That bitch Lizzie."

Given the user name, the image and her description as "The Fictional Girl of Your Dreams," I figured the account wouldn't generate must interest from roving Sugar Daddies. To my surprise, I started getting inquiries within a few minutes: Invites to view private photos, private mail and loads of profile views.

I was a little tempted to turn this into performance art and do a little Catfishing. But I made the ethical decision to just take the screenshot and cancel the account. But guess what? They won't let me delete the account for ten days.

Oh well. I tried, right? If you want to follow the ever more bizarre story of Life with Jess, you can follow her on Twitter and bookmark her new website.

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