Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plotagon Characters Reflect on Their Upcoming Demise

I've had a lot of fun creating short videos on Plotagon over the past year. They've recently announced that they are replacing their current platform for another that will also run mobile devices. They are moving away from photorealism and moving to a more stylized cartoony look. They're also changing their speech synthesis vendor and will eventually allow you to record your own voice performances. This video imagines what their existing characters might think of the upcoming changes.

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Cecil Hirvi said...

Hey VWS, social media and other Internet media are all applying the 'Logan's Run' strategy these days.

The new world is for a certain age group (children, child-like mentality), if you are over that age limit and want something like "better graphics" and "more freedom"...this aint for you sistah so get into that floaty-thing and explode.