Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Second Life Was Amazing

According to recent reports, Linden Lab is taking the bold step to escape the quagmire of a decade of technical debt by creating a new virtual world from scratch. Given the current management, I'm optimistic that they'll get it right. Although Linden Lab will continue to incrementally move Second Life forward for the time being, once the next generation of VR-fueled virtual worlds come to maturity Second Life will look as dated as the clips I used from Metropolis for this paleofuturistic music video last year.


Cecil Hirvi said...

You mean the "new" Second Life will no longer have the innovative, future-thinking, wildly creative and thought-provoking qualities of the movie 'Metropolis'?

Instead will get the "new" VRs that will be like remakes of 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' all dumbed down for our easy, thought-less consumption?

It's ironic that you would still use images from a very old film to make a point that "newness" is better.

Yes, I'll take Metropolis over any movie made in the last 20 years.

Botgirl Questi said...

I agree that newer technology doesn't necessarily translate into better art or experience. I wrote about that recently in "Wow!-to-Whatever" cycle

My use of Metropolis was intentional, but not to make the point that newer is better. The point was that the still brilliant work seems dated, especially to younger viewers.

Cecil Hirvi said...

Sure. Moby Dick, Shakeaspeare, Mozart, The Greek Classics and other brilliant work seems dated to "younger viewers". Is it because they have become accustomed to material that doesn't challenge their minds? Or are the stories, themes and ideas in "dated" work is no longer relevant in this day and age?

You seem to suggest that any new LL VR project will cater to that all important "younger viewer". Is that by design because older users don't use VR or have money to spend there?

Is it their business plan to market their product only to that same youthful demographic that everybody in tech is trying to seduce?

I get your 'Metropolis' point, though it seemed a bit lazy to me. Will the "younger viewers" of tomorrow ever get it? Wouldn't their disregard, for previously created brilliant material, eventually make your posts irrelevant since it's chock-full of dated reference material?

I'm sorry, but your the point of this post has left me with more questions than answers.