Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Virtual World Futures - 3D Printing

I'm going to throw out some quick ideas over the next couple weeks pointing to possible future paths for virtual worlds. For today, imagine if anything you saw in Second Life could be printed in 3D with a few clicks. Wouldn't that be cool? All it would take is a script to export objects to a compatible file format. In a few years, affordable desktop 3D printers will be commonplace. A little further down the road, large printers will be able to output full sized furniture, sculptures or even parts that can be assembled into houses, as in this video.


JubJub Forder said...

Agreed, great idea.
So many possibilities yet for SL :)

Unknown said...

This is such an amazing idea. In addition to objects and structures, this 3D printing idea could also be applied to clothing. There are so many truly talented fashion designers in Second Life. Imagine if people could just custom order these designs for themselves in real life using 3D printing.

Of course this would require actually getting out a measuring tape and getting "real" with our dimensions. Yikes. ;-)