Friday, November 22, 2013

NSA Launches "Internet Freedom" Program

WASHINGTON - In response to public outrage over NSA monitoring, the Obama administration has announced a new NSA initiative that will provide a host of free Internet services for all U.S. residents. The “Internet Freedom” program will give every household a 20 MB Internet connection and cloud back-up service for every computer, tablet and smart phone.

“If our citizens must give up online privacy to keep our country free, it’s only fair that they get something in return for that sacrifice,” said President Barak Obama, in today’s White House press conference.

Republicans were quick to jump on the bandwagon. A new bill in Congress would up the ante by offering a tax credit for middle class taxpayers of up to $500 per person for new smartphone or tablets.

Public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. College student and part time model Jane Waters said, “I made a few thousand public social network posts last year for free, LOL. This is like freaking Christmas. Thanks NSA!"

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