Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Changes at Cloud Party

Cloud Party rolled out a slew of new features today focusing on pricing and sharing. Here are some of the main additions, from today's blog post.
  • All the free small builds (formerly islands) you want, up to 10 MB of usage per build
  • Build Pages – a new, “pageview” of all your builds
  • Make comments on others’ creations
  • Like, share (Facebook, Twitter, G+) and tag quickly and easily from the new page.
  • Tags to drive traffic to your build.
  • Embed your builds in a web page like YouTube.
  • New quick toolbar for embedded builds.
  • A first generation user page – currently your builds are on it, also descriptions and tags. More features soon.
  • New build and user unified search bar, including description and search.
  • A Build Analysis tool for tracking and analyzing bandwidth usage.
Here's their new sim embed. The good news is that you can now enter as a guest with no need to register or use your social networking credentials.

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