Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Very Tough Year

Fall no caption
Summer seemed to last forever. I was not prepared for the season to turn.

The Weight of the World
I can't get out from under the weight of the world


I usually create out of joy and wonder. I've been blessed for most of my life by a positive and fulfilling environment that offered the time, resources and inspiration to follow my creative passion. I've often joked about "life doing what the fuck it wants." This year she decided to take me up on my implied offer. Sudden and unexpected changes have shattered my (naive) illusion of safety and undermined my overarching optimism at one fell swoop.

During this time I've mostly used creativity as escapism. Creating stuff like the Deep and Mysterious set of videos gave me a way to turn my mind from suffering and immerse myself temporarily within a state of positive flow. Although I will continue to use the creative process as a drug when I need to, I've decided to concentrate on creating from within the experience of suffering, rather than from outside the temporary walls I keep constructing around it.


Chestnut Rau said...

It really does fuck with our heads.

I look forward to where that brilliant mind of yours takes your art. Thank you for continuing to push up against the walls to see what lives on the other side.

R. said...

"My muse licks toads, and she can be a real cunt sometimes."