Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Years Later: Is Rod One Of Us?

Rod Humble introduced quite a few new initiatives since he took over as Linden Lab CEO a couple years ago. The most notable examples occurred outside of Second Life, with the introduction of a series of web and mobile products, under the tagline, "Makers of Shared Creative Spaces."

Work to improve Second Life continued during that time, including the roll out of of mesh and changes to the e-commerce system. But the SL community still feels that the level of energy directed towards other endeavors is co-opting resources that they'd prefer were applied to Second Life.

Strawberry Singh recently threw out a "MY SL Pet Peeves Meme," asking people to: "Share your top five SL pet peeves." Lots of food for thought in the article and other posts linked in the comments. I hope Linden Lab assigns someone to comb through the posts and come up with a prioritized list of improvements based on the expressed community input.

A year after posting the song above, I think it doesn't matter whether "Rod is one of us." What's important is whether he can see things from the community's perspective and take steps to make improvements based on that insight.

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R. said...

Wait... Linden Lab would let their Product Owners turn actual user feedback into user stories under their Agile development model????