Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transmuting Poison Into Medicine

Wheel of Sharp Weapons
When the experience of personal suffering
opens the heart to compassion for others,
poison becomes medicine.

The image above is my entry for this week's Single Frame Stories Challenge. The prompt was "weapon."

Here's an accompanying 100 word story:

Some medical treatments work by attacking the body. Vaccines include a dead or weakened germ to trigger the production of antibodies.  Allergy shots inject minute amounts of allergens into our bloodstream to elicit desensitization. Chemotherapy eliminates cancer by killing fast growing cells. In each case, the weapon of poison is used as medicine.

One of the most pervasive psychological afflictions humans suffer from is self-centeredness. The poison of personal pain, illness and misfortune can act as a medicine if we use it to generate compassion for the countless others around the world who experience similar or even greater suffering.

And finally, the video version:


sororNishi said...

Excellent. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is very powerful...