Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Ambien Consciousness
Ambien Consciousness
My entry in this week's Single Frame Stories Challenge

I swipe through a couple hundred news, blog and social network feeds every hour on my ever-present iPhone. It feels like I'm trying to keep up with the emerging present. But the underlying compulsion is more about running after the future.

I don't even read most of the items that interest me. They're sent directly to a service that archives stories for later reading. (Yeah. Right.) So I hunt. And I gather. But I never feast.

What would happen if I stopped investing so much time and energy in an imagined someday that never comes . . . If I stopped running after an event horizon that is impossible to ever reach?

I'm going to find out, because I'm tired of the chase.


Whiskey Monday said...

I see this over my daughter's shoulder, as well. She scrolls. And never stops.

The age old quandary of quality vs quantity, with a modern twist.

I've swung the opposite direction. I'm not reading anything. Hopefully we can find some middle ground, yeah?

Botgirl Questi said...

Middle ground? I thought that was against the law these days.