Monday, November 19, 2012

A Painfully Obvious Humility Visualization

My entry for "Humility," this week's Single Frame Stories challenge

It's easy to get an inflated sense of one's wee self in the bubble of social network circles. But we're not big fish in a small pond, we're tiny tadpoles in a microscopic puddle. Humility shouldn't be hard. But it is.

I thought about many different approaches for this image. One would have been a "you are here" graphic showing all of human history as the time scale and the total number of people for the other axis. Another would have focused on great accomplishments with people like Jonas Salk, Mother Teresa and Frank Lloyd Wright.

I finally decided to leave it at the level of overhyped celebrity. Social network following is a perfect measure. It feels so significant, but is actually meaningless in relation to human worth.

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1 comment:

sororNishi said...

Very good... we tend to forget that size isn't everything.